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Maine also applied for statehood in 1819, in which it was admitted as a free state.This compromise allowed abolition of the slave trade in the District of Columbia and admission of California as a free state.This would mean the federal government was in violation of what the founding fathers created it to do.With the new stance on expansion, copious problems struck the United States.Therefore, besides slavery as a main root cause of the conflict, there were other causes as economic differences and political events which led to the Civil War.

Here is a process breakdown for writing one of such cause and effect papers.He also details the attack on Fort Sumter as a device to gain freedom for the South, not for cotton production.And this, be it remembered, is no voice of submission to arbitrary or undelegated power.

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Their jaws drop when I talk about the thousands of slaves in the South who worked in busy cities, not on quiet plantations.

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Before Lincoln took office, seven states had declared their secession from the Union.

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Everything else, many textbooks claim, was tied to that economic difference and was anchored by cotton.Abraham Lincoln had been duly elected as the American president in.

While the states in the southern region of the United States had adopted the idea of slave labor, those in the north had not.CAUSES OF THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR. (Critical Essays On American Literature) By., Facts On File Companion To The American Novel, Critical Essays On American Humor.Towers chronicles the growth of cities in the South prior to the Civil War, noting their 62% jump in population, the arrival of street gangs, and manufacturing.As members of the Futurist of America Association, we have been assigned.The American Civil War led to the largest loss of American lives than.


The plantation owners in the South could not understand why the North wanted slavery abolished that bad.At the Constitutional Convention the South had to agree to three-fifths compromise, when 5 slaves counted as 3 free men toward representation in Congress.Growth of the Abolition Movement Increasingly, the northerners became more polarized against slavery.

The states believed that since nothing was written in the Constitution about who should decide about the slavery issue, that therefore the states had the power to decide.Geographical conflict over the spread of slavery into western territories and states—areas with neither an industrial nor a farm economy—grew.

David Wilmot proposed the Wilmot Proviso in 1846 which would ban slavery in the new lands.Southerners compared it with the wage-slave system of the North.The Republican platform called for containment, not the end of slavery.

When I ask college students to talk about the causes of the war,.The Louisiana Purchase was done by President Jefferson because he wanted to.The thirteen states formed a loose confederation with a very weak federal government.Pro-slavery advocates in California, for example, wanted slaves to prospect for gold and build gold and silver mines.

There were demands for political equality and economic and social advances.

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Between the North and South there were deep economic, social, and political differences.Causes Of Civil War Essay Examples. The Fugitive Slave Law and the Book Life Among the Lowly by Harriet Beecher Stowe Were Two Causes of the American Civil War.

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Key political causes include the slow collapse of the Whig Party, the founding of the Republican Party, and, most important, the 1860 election of Abraham Lincoln as president.States versus federal rights Since the time of the Revolution, two camps emerged: those arguing for greater states rights and those arguing that the federal government needed to have more control.

South Carolina was the first to secede on December 20th 1860.The root causes and precipitating events that led to the Civil War (1861-1865).The South felt these were discriminatory and that they favored Northern commercial interests.The Civil War between northern and southern states was a consequence of contradictions of two social systems inside the country.

But the North opposed to this and wanted to stop the extension of slavery into new territories.

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But the distribution of these lands in small lots speeded the development of this section, but it was disliked in the South because it aided the free farmer than the slaveholding plantation owner.This resulted in the idea of nullification, whereby the states would have the right to rule federal acts unconstitutional.