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These results are sorted by most relevant first (ranked search).Dealing cannabis is a fast and easy way for adolescents to attain cash, but when it becomes less available, they have trouble obtaining it and selling it.

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Cannabis seed oils can be used as a nutritional supplement or as a component of soaps and detergents.

An enormous debate has started, in numerous countries should consumption of Marijuana should to be legalized or not.And since alcohol and tobacco, two life threatening substances, are legal it is a relevant question to ask why marijuana is illegal.Although marijuana has mostly been used as a drug to get high, physicians have recently discovered that marijuana can treat the symptoms of cancer and multiple sclerosis, relieve pain, and treat many minor ailments.Is there any specific reason why weed should be illegal, or is the government just making money from catching people with it.

Health effects of the drug are still being researched, as well as its psychological implications on individuals.But what seems to be very popular when the word drug comes up is the controversial ongoing debate on whether or not marijuana should be legalized.

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Marijuana use is on the rise, especially among teenagers and young adults.Cannabis can be utilized in many recreational and industrial forms such as, clothing, paper, beauty products, and forms of fuel.

We have one side that is anti-marijuana and the other is pro-marijuana.On an interview with Elvis Duran and the morning show Lady Gaga admitted that she was addicted to marijuana.In fact, Cannabis sativa is the most widely used and recognized among the other species due to its ability to produce more fiber and oil.

Marijuana is a widespread drug and has damaging consequences for individuals.The government could tax marijuana like they do tobacco, and it could help our economy out.With the recent laws passed in eight states about legalizing medical marijuana, many stand.Although many have made malicious remarks about it in the past, and even still in the present, the truth and beneficial facts of marijuana are finally resurfacing.The handling of drugs is not safe, whether it is the back alley deals, or the people killed in drug heists.Still, other studies have proven that there is not enough scientific evidence on the drug, there for it should not be legalized for the use of medication (Hutchings, 2002).Perhaps you think of the nightly news talking about killings on the streets or maybe you think of those unforgettable meth ads on television and billboards.People consuming Marijuana overtime can develop a dependency towards the drug, creating a severe distraction in their personal lives.In the paper Prohibition Works the author discusses numerous reasons marijuana should be kept illegal, and the second paper Legalization of Marijuana the author makes many valid points on why marijuana should be legalized for medical use.

If your mother had stage 4 cancer and marijuana was the only thing that relieved her nausea, would you look at her differently for using it.Likewise, there is a common consensus of bias that marijuana legalization would promote zero gain in any category and legalization of marijuana would be all destructive to our society.

The research is based on the states of Washington and Rhode Island petitioning the federal government on reclassifying marijuana as a drug that is accepted with medical uses, saying they want to regulate this distribution without putting any type of risk for federal persecution.Additionally, various data demonstrated that smoking marijuana lead to a worse performance at school, including having a worse attitude and a bad attendance (Rey. et. al). As well as mentally, people who are heavy marijuana users can disturbances in their fertility.For example, in November 1996, the people of California and Arizona voted to legalize marijuana for medicinal reasons.In addition, the flowers of the female plant and the buds are the most vigorous part.Whether it be for medical or even recreational weed has become a part of this world.Without the pills containing THC, the young boy could have a seizure.This plant provides many medical benefits that far outweigh the side effects.

School campuses are especially popular places for frequent marijuana buying and selling.Though drugs play an important role in the medical field today and are being prescribed more and more by doctors, there are those consumers that abuse the use of these drugs.Marijuana is being criticized by people that never studied the drug or even know about the medicinal benefits from the drug.