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Even though Windows can require a bit of maintenance, not every PC features bloatware (such as the ones you build yourself) and requires more updates than a Mac.While what software you love and use may matter the most when choosing a platform, Windows unquestionably offers more options, at least when it comes to bigger apps like music players, video players, IM clients, and other things of that nature.PC debate is one of the most controversial topics when talking about computers.Both Platforms Work Well for Designers Back in the 80s and 90s, Macs had a legitimate reputation as the first choice for designers because the selection of design applications was superior to what you could get on Windows PCs.

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PC When you compare the computer operating systems, or study a Mac vs.The battle between Mac and PC users has been raging for decades and for those who are not sure which side to be.You can even connect a Mac-formatted drive to a Windows PC and view the files directly.A comprehensive survey of some twelve hundred reports, studies and articles.

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Reader Stego explains: Windows is the mainstay of PCs everywhere. 98% of us grew up on PCs, or use PCs on a daily basis, either at home or at work.

If you do not want to build your own computer you could easily choose from a variety of companies to get your PC from such as Dell, Hp, Acer, Samsung and Emachine.Because of all its uses, graphic design has many job opportunities in and of itself.Mac Hardware Costs Too Much for What You Get Many feel the cost of a Mac is too high for what you get, but others justify the heftier price tag by citing top-tier support, higher quality hardware, and the benefits of the Apple ecosystem.Comparing prices: Mac Pro versus PCs By Dan Frakes. especially in light of the widely held perception that Macs are more expensive than their PC counterparts.

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For some reason, you always need the latest Mac in order to utilize all the new features in OS X.Setting up a dual boot system in OS X is infinitely easier than it is in Windows.

Macs and PCs have been locked in an epic battle for many years.Click through our list of 10 differences between Macs and PCs and decide for.

Nevertheless, far fewer viruses exist for Mac and most Mac users get by just fine without any antivirus protection.

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For example, you can stream your Xbox or PlayStation games to Windows.There are 260 million laptops and desktops in American homes and offices, and many of their users back their favorite.There are some things that were confusing to me, but namely because I grew up on Windows.Whether or not you feel those points are accurate, Mac hardware does come with a number of limitations when it comes to specifications.

PC YouTube videos Apple ad campaign prompts Mac, PC fans to defend their favorites in online video parodies.PCs were once the go-to computer because developers used to write the best apps for Windows.

Windows pros-cons list, you will find that PCs are always backward compatible.There is usually an equivalent Mac program for every Windows app, but they are not always as good.These are some of the major pros and cons when it comes to Mac and PCs.

Windows users also have the benefit of everything being made specifically for them.Macs tend to be a bit more innovative in design and features.

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It really also depends a lot on external factors like what other devices you own and what kind of software you use.

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More than 4,000 shoppers surveyed give you their outlooks on Mac, PC, tablets, and more for.